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Citizenship Education Programme

National Education

The school commemorates events such as the Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day and National Day through interactive activities. It also emphasizes on the learning of different cultures and practices through festive celebrations (Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya) and learning journeys. This helps to develop in pupils the love and a sense of belonging to the school and Singapore. It also helps them to learn about respect and make friends in school.

National Day - SG50 Celebration 

The Chingy NE Show provides an opportunity for our Xishanites to watch an international standard parade up-close and personal. We believe that through this unique experience, our pupils could also get to see and feel for themselves the vibrancy and spirit of this uniquely Singapore parade which showcases its multi-cultural and harmony in diversity as portrayed in Chingay. 



National Day - SG50 Celebration