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Principal's Foreword

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At Xishan Primary School, we believe that every child wants to and can learn given the right attitude and learning environment. Our staff strives and aspires to design a learning environment that is holistic and caters to the learning needs of every child so as to develop and nurture in them the confidence and desire towards learning.

We believe that by providing a holistic education, that is values-based and focuses on developing character, dispositions, social-emotional competencies as well as knowledge and skills of our students, will better prepare them to be future ready.

We adopt a learner-centered approach that facilitates the joy of learning as we better cater to the interests and needs of the students. We seek to use more varied approaches to make learning more personalized and to ignite the passion of learning in our students. We also seek to create opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning so that learning that be made more visible through on-going formative assessments.

Hence in Xishan, we envisage that every Xishanite will become an effective life-long learner, anchored in the school values, respect, resilience, integrity and self-discipline, and ready now and for the future to serve as contributing citizens.

Mrs. Anne Quek