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CCE Leadership Programme

Junior Civil Defence (CD) Lionhearters

The Junior CD Lionhearter programme is uniquely positioned as an ambassadorial and "Student Leadership Centric" programme where upper primary level students with leadership qualities are selected to invoke and generate interest among their schoolmates, friends and families on the need to learn EP skills and to take ownership of their own level of emergency preparedness.

Junior Lionhearters CD Challenge
CHAMPIONS (2014-2017) 

Junior Lionhearters CD Challenge 2017
We did it AGAIN! We have emerged as the Champions for the CD Challenge 2017! Our Xishanites were tasked to complete physical challenges like Leopard Crawls and a Tyre Challenge along with Racial and Religious quizzes. The stations that they went through aimed to impart the various aspects of Total Defence.  




Our Lionhearters: Javier Lim, Sheng Hong, Shirin and Natasha


Junior Lionhearters CD Challenge 2014
In this Inaugural CD Challenge, our Xishanites Junior CD Lionhearters were put to test their Emergency Preparedness skills which they had acquired during their Hard Skills training. They braved through 7 Total-Defence themed zones with Singapore Discovery Centre pitting themselves in their skills and quick-wit in order to finish as the fastest team in the challenge. The Challenge is designed for our pupils to take home with them on Total Defence Day, a better appreciation of the importance of Total Defence in Singapore and how they can play an active part as Junior CD Lionhearter. 



We emerged as CHAMPIONS in the Inaugural Junior CD Lionhearter Challenge 2014.
The team members: Keanen Poon, Lina Tan, Sheryl Lee and Che Khei

Junior Lionhearters CD Challenge 2015
The 2015 edition saw parents and family members of the Junior CD Lionhearters joining us for the challenge. Once again, our brave young Xishanites were put to task to pit their skills in a friendly challenge with other teams to solve challenges and tasks on the 5 pillars of Total Defence such as Psychological, Military, Civil, Social and Economic Defence. 


We are proud to announce that Xishan Primary School as the defending champions, emerged once again as the CHAMPIONS for 2015!!! 
The Team Members: Ang Shumei Precilia, Lew Zheng Hong and Zhuang Xinyi 
Special thanks to the parents of our CD Lionhearters for braving the challenge with us on your precious Saturday.. 

HDB Heartland Ambassador Programme

The Heartland Ambassador Programme nurtures the young and youth into champions for gracious and responsible heartland living. It is designed for students to appreciate their living environment by encouraging responsible heartland living, adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and become role models for gracious living in the heartlands.


Our P5 Ambassadors engaging the residents of Floral Spring @ Yishun during their Welcome Party!

HDB Heartland Youthoria

Heartland Youthoria is the youth segment of HDB Community Week, organised to celebrate community spirit in the heartlands. It aims to:

a) Raise awareness among youth on community bonding in the heartlands;
b) Inspire youth to join HDB on our journey in building heartland communities; and
c) Showcase success stories of youth-led initiatives in the heartlands.


Our school project - Window Farming II, won the Most Popular Booth Award during the recent HDB Youthoria 2014! 
Our Team (Wendy Kum, Ang Shumei, Lau Enqi, Phylicia, Benecia, Hotta Aiko)
We were even featured on a newspaper article - Please Click here for the news report (In Chinese)