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Primary 5 and 6

The Primary 5 pupils will be going on a modular programme where they learn to choreograph and perform STOMP (Term 2), Music Genres (Term 3 ) and Instrument Families (Term 4).
The highlight of the module will be STOMP as each of the Primary 5 classes will be presenting their STOMP performances during the pre-assembly  in the morning on Term 2 Week 10.

STOMP is a  percussive performance where they may use their body percussion or everyday items as an instrument as part of them performance.

pri 5.jpgA Primary 5 group discussing on their performance. 

The Primary 6 pupils will be going on a World Music programme where they visit countries and learn about the cultural and musical aspects. They learn to sing folk songs and perform the melody on tuned percussion instruments.  This module allows the pupils to develop appreciation of the different cultural practices and diversity.

As per our yearly tradition, the Primary 6 pupils will be putting up a DANCEFest performance as part of their Post-PSLE programme. They will be incorporating what they had learnt in their music lessons into the dances where they co-choreograph with their instructors.