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Student Management

Vision: Kind and Thoughtful Xishanites who Contribute to the Community. 

Mission: To build the character of Xishanites and develop their potential to the fullest for future challenges.

Motto: Think Good, Do Good, Feel Good

Pupil Management Framework

The Pupil Management Department looks into the character development and well-being of every pupil. We strongly believe that "Good Discipline is a Prerequisite for Good Education". The department anchors all programmes on the 4 core school values (Self-Discipline, Integrity, Respect and Resilience) and adopts "Think Good, Do Good and Feel Good" as the overarching approach to values inculcation. We believe that values inculcation is the sustainable way to good discipline and Xishanites can rely on their sound moral compass to guide them in decision making. 

The Pupil Management Department has put in place curriculum and co-curriculum programmes to develop every Xishanite to achieve personal mastery in the self, peers and school domains as they progress from Primary 1 to Primary 6. With a sound moral compass and good discipline, we believe that every Xishanites will thrive in and out of the classroom, thereby supporting their potential to be developed to the fullest.

Student Leadership

Leadership Framework.png
Student Leadership Framework

Student Leadership is the other wing overseen by Pupil Management Department. In Xishan Primary School, we believe in providing opportunities to all pupils to develop them holistically. For pupil leadership, the department adopts the IDEA (Identify, Develop, Evaluate and Affirm) to develop our pupils in the Leadership domain. Based on the teachers' assessment of the pupils' readiness and leadership potential, they are assigned leadership role which matches their profile. Customised training and workshops are provided by the department and teachers to prepare our budding leaders for their roles.

For pupils who are exemplary in their roles, they will be affirmed via the School Reward and Recognition System and may be given bigger roles as depicted in the Student Leadership Framework to further their learning. The department endeavours to stretch the potential of every pupil to the fullest to prepare them to realise our vision: Every Xishanite, a Lifelong Learner, a Contributing Citizen.

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All Prefects with Mrs Chin (Principal), Ms Chua (Vice-Principal), Mrs Pawa (Vice-Principal) and Department Teachers

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Pri 3 and Pri 4 Prefects with Mrs Chin (Principal), Ms Chua (Vice-Principal), Mrs Pawa (Vice-Principal), Department Teachers and Prefects EXCO. 


Pri 5 and Pri 6 Prefects with Mrs Chin (Principal), Ms Chua (Vice-Principal), Mrs Pawa (Vice-Principal), Department Teachers and Prefects EXCO.

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Prefects EXCO with Mrs Chin (Principal), Ms Chua (Vice-Principal), Mrs Pawa (Vice-Principal) and Department Teachers.