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HBL P1 - P3 2021 (28 June - 2 July)

Home-based Learning (HBL) Plan and Support for Primary 1 to 3 Students

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the school’s effort to engage your child/ward in learning during the HBL (HBL) phase from 28 June to 2 July 2021, home-based learning materials and assignments have been prepared and will be disseminated to our students from 28 June 2021 onwards. These learning resources will be made available via the respective online platforms as shown in item 2 on a daily basis. The content coverage for each subject is aligned to each department’s scheme of work and the students will continue to learn these topics through various learning modes and platforms.  

To complete the assigned learning tasks, your child/ward is required to log in to various online portals for the respective subjects as shown below:


Online Portal

All Subjects

MOE Student Learning Space (SLS)



Chinese Language


Tamil Language

Pazhahu Tamil

Along with the HBL plan attached, the school will also be sending to parents, via Parents Gateway, a daily HBL plan on each of the five HBL days comprising the learning tasks for the day, materials that their child/ward will need and the contact of teachers whom parents may wish to contact for assistance. These daily communications will be useful in helping parents to facilitate the learning of their child/ward at home. 

Should your child/ward experience any difficulties accessing the SLS or completing the online tasks, please go to for assistance. Alternatively, you may contact the School Helpdesk at 6758 8837.

Daily Timetable For Home-Based Learning

To help parents better guide and facilitate the home-based learning, the details of these learning activities can be found in the following table. Please note that all students are to access their SLS for their daily temperature taking and checking in from 8.00a.m. onwards before they commence their FHBL.

Home-based Learning Timetable

Please note that a maximum of 2 hours of students’ time involving computer work has been assigned.