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HBL P1 - P6 2021 (19 May - 28 May)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the school planning and preparedness, the school will conduct Home-Based Learning (HBL) for all students from 
19 May 2021 to 28 May 2021.   
These learning resources will be made available via the respective online platforms as shown below on a daily basis. To complete the assigned learning tasks, your child/ward is required to log in to the various online portals for the respective subjects as shown below:


Online Portal

All Subjects

MOE Student Learning Space (SLS)



Chinese Language


Tamil Language

Pazhahu Tamil


Should your child/ward experience any difficulties accessing the SLS or completing the online tasks, please go to for assistance. Alternatively, you may contact the School Helpdesk at 6758 8837.

Home-Based Learning Timetable

Please note that a maximum of 2 hours of students’ time involving computer work has been assigned.