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Character & Citizenship Education

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Values Inculcation 

Values Education Programme

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

It promotes teacher-student relationships and enhances pupils’ social and emotional well-being. This is done through interaction activities and explicit teaching of social and emotional competencies with the aim of helping pupils to:

  • Better understand themselves (Self-Awareness)
  • Learn ways to manage themselves (Self-Management)
  • Better understand their family and friends (Social Awareness)
  • Learn ways to work with their family and friends (Relationship Management)
  • Make appropriate and responsible decisions (Responsible Decision Making)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

The emphasis for primary schools for Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is on creating an awareness of education and career in pupils through the formal curriculum, relevant talks, visits to schools and industries and the MySkillsFuture Portal. The portal has been developed to help P5-6 pupils discover and explore the education and career options, and draw the link between school and work.

Social Studies

It provides pupils with a basic understanding of historical, geographical, economic and sociological knowledge. A variety of teaching strategies (cooperative learning, debate, role-play), activities and teaching aids are employed to arouse pupils’ interest, and engage them in reflective and interactive learning.

  • Field-Based Learning 
Level Location Term
Pri 1 Jacob Ballas 4
Pri 2
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Pri 3 Land Transport Gallery 2
Pri 4 Singapore Maritime Museum 3
Pri 5 Asian Civilisation Museum 2
Pri 6 Botanical Garden 1