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National Education (NE) and Social Studies (SS)

Through the National Education activities and Social Studies curriculum, Xishan Primary School provides an immersive environment to nurture every student into a responsible and resilient citizen who has a strong national identity and the willingness to make Singapore a better place.

National Education messages are integrated into the curriculum of various subjects such as Social Studies, English and Mother Tongue Languages. 

Core NE Events Commemorated Annually

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day 

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The Social Studies curriculum help students better understand their roots, appreciate the contributions of the Pioneer and Merdeka generations, develop positive attitudes towards the culture of different ethnic groups and be aware of the interconnectedness of Singapore and other countries.

Not only do students get to embark on learning journeys that are aligned to the Social Studies syllabus and National Education messages, they also take part in fun and meaningful activities during the annual Social Studies week. These authentic learning experiences complement the learning activities in classrooms to help students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills and values to become active and concerned citizens of Singapore. 

Social Studies Activities

  • Learning Journeys
  • Social Studies Week