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Principal's Foreword

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Dear Xishanites,

              If I have to use a word to describe 2020, I would say the word is change. COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly and disrupted many lives. The crisis changed the way we do, see and think about many things. We had no choice but to change, and change quickly.

              Yet the change we had to go through brought out the best in us. We demonstrated resilience, adaptability, creativity, innovations, and more importantly, empathy, inclusivity and solidarity, that united us to overcome the challenges, and together, we emerged stronger and more compassionate. The crisis became opportunities for us and we were able to leverage these opportunities to create new possibilities. Indeed, we were not simply just changing due to the circumstances, we were embarking on the journey of transformation to re-imagine the new possible.

              2021 will hence herald a new beginning of exciting changes and possibilities. We will see learning taking on a more intentional and empowering approach. Home-based learning will become a regular feature in the school so that we can provide opportunities for students to explore more interests-driven learning and students’ voice and agency to feature more prominently.

              So my dear Xishanites, get ready for the exciting journey ahead of you! And to my lovable Primary Ones joining us this year, our warmest and heartiest welcome to you as you join us to embark on this journey!

Setting the stage for the change

              It is therefore with lots of gratitude as we look back at the last few years that we realised how much of the work that we have put into is setting the stage for this change. From the school’s narrative of who we are as depicted in the Xishan Village story to the many exciting spaces built to create the desired environment to support your learning, we are really setting ourselves up to transform the way we learn.

The spaces created, The Learning Cove, The Mindfulness Room, The Imaginarium, The Enchanted Sanctuary, The Vertical and Edible Garden, The Butterfly Wall, The EcoBuzz, The ThinkerSpace, the upcoming e-Trail and many more, we are just so excited to see them coming together like pieces of puzzles that fit together to show off a learning environment that serves to develop you to learn creatively, independently, interdependently and most importantly, meaningfully and joyfully.  

              While the physical spaces provided the necessary environment to facilitate the change, the Keep C.A.L.M and Give framework shows us how we can undertake this change. We will continue to learn and value the importance of making connections, being active and having agency, making learning our key priority, being mindful to take care of our well-being and making gratitude our key attitude in life. And I am so thankful that we have developed practical ways to show you how you can live out the framework and these practical ways are now presented in your handbook.

Get ready to set off

So my dearest boys and girls, get ready for an exciting journey ahead of you. Make every learning experience a meaningful one for yourself. Take the opportunities given to you with much gratitude and make the best out of it.

We love you and we believe in each and every one of you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Anne Quek