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School Rules and Regulations

The school rules apply not only within the school premises, but at all school functions held outside the school. When wearing the school uniform, personal appearance and personal conduct must be strictly adhered to.

School Attire

  1. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform when they are attending school and any modification to the uniform is NOT allowed.
  2. The correct attire must be worn for PE (Physical Education) lessons, games and CCAs. No modification is allowed.
  3. All uniform and PE attire must have the name tag sewn on the left side (above the school crest) of the school shirt / blouse / PE T-shirt. 4. All pupils must use school approved black shoes and black socks. Decorating the black shoes with accessories and colours is strictly NOT allowed. The black socks need to be above ankle level.


  1. Pupils are required to attend - lessons everyday
    1. all assemblies
    2. all school functions as required
    3. remedial/supplementary classes (as informed by teachers)
    4. respective CCAs
  2. Parents should take the initiative to inform the school of their child’s absence from school or any of the activities mentioned above. Upon returning to school, the pupil must produce a medical certificate or a letter from the parent/guardian, stating the reason for absence.
  3. Pupils are to be punctual for all activities and must be appropriately dressed. Pupils must report to school by 7.45 a.m. Pupils who arrive earlier must proceed to the hall for silent reading at 7.30 a.m.


  1. Pupils must observe the 3Ps (Punctuality, Proper Attire and Proper Behaviour).
  2. Pupils must be courteous and exhibit the school values (Self Discipline, Integrity, Respect and Resilience) at all times.
  3. Pupils must take good care of the school property and help to keep the school premises clean and tidy.
  4. Pupils must put the school motto into practice: LOVE, CARE and SHARE.
  5. (i) The following items are disallowed to be used in school:
  6. * Toys and related electronic items – Game Boy, MP3 player, iPod, PSP etc.
  7. * Any possessions with the potential of causing hurt and injury.
  8. * Handphones
   (ii)The above items will be confiscated if brought to school, unless special approval is obtained
   (approval may be given on a case to case basis upon written parental request).
    Parents have to come to the school to collect the items personally.