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2020 International Friendship Day

What else did Xishanites learn about Covid-19 besides it being highly contagious and that it affects their lives to a great extent? 

On 9 April, our school commemorated International Friendship Day. Usually, this would be a week’s commemoration filled with assemblies, classroom and recess activities. Nevertheless, meaningful learning continues as we commemorated this day. 

Through carefully-designed SLS packages, Xishanites learnt about the cultural diversities in ASEAN and the camaraderie Singapore shares with these countries. 

Most importantly, our students learnt about how ASEAN countries helped one another during this worldwide pandemic.

To name a few, they learnt about how a significant group of Malaysian employees received help from their Singapore’s employers during the announcement of Malaysia’s lockdown and that Singapore contributed Covid-19 test kits and machines to Myanmar.

Through these lessons, students’ lenses were widened and they saw the other side of this Covid-19 pandemic coin. The importance of nurturing and maintaining great camaraderie with our neighbours and learning can happen anywhere, even in the comfort of their homes.