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Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE)

Outdoor Learning Experiences (OLEs) help us to facilitate the learning of Science through observation, hands-on experiences and demonstration by teachers through the approach of outdoor collaborative inquiry learning

Let's Learn About Plants (LLAP) and Science Alive! ties in Life Science curriculum with OLEs in our outdoor Science Garden

-        P3: Classification of Plants and Animals (Diversity)

-        P4: Life Cycle of Plants and Animals (Systems)

-        P5: Reproduction of Plants (Cycles)

-        P6: Adaptations of Plants (Interactions)


Science Learning Journeys

Our pupils go on learning journeys to learn Science in applied contexts. These learning journeys have clear learning outcomes which supplement the Science Curriculum

- P3 Learn@Zoo
- P4 X-perience
- P5 Water Water Everywhere (WWE)
- P6 Green Carpet
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