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Character Building Programmes

Life Skills Lessons

Every student will go through a series of progressive Life Skills lessons in their 6 years of education in Xishan Primary School. The Life Skills lessons are planned to develop the students in the Self, Peer and School domains. With school values as the anchor and CCE core skills as the leverage, the lessons are planned in relation to the school context so that our pupils can better relate to the learning and engage in deeper reflections. These will support our students to translate their learning to behavioural indicators of the various SE Competencies..

Primary 1 and 2: Others-centred anchoring on Moral Reasoning
It is essential for the lower primaries to start to be considerate to the people around them. The lessons will lead the Primary 1 and 2 pupils to have a heightened awareness of themselves, followed by taking others into consideration when they act. Moral Reasoning will serve as a guiding principle to guide them in their actions and teach them how to differentiate right and wrong.

Primary 3 and 4: Perspectives Taking
The focus for Primary 3 and Primary 4 first Semester is on developing empathy through perspectives taking. Pupils with better perspectives taking skills are less likely to be involved in conflicts with other children and this benefits them at school because they are then free to focus on learning.

Primary 4 and Primary 5: Relationship Management
For Primary 4 second Semester and Primary 5, the focus is on relationship management. As children grow, peers begin to play a significant in the social-emotional development of a child. Thus, Relationship Management is also associated with the competency to work well with others and is a stepping stone towards building effective interpersonal relationships.

Primary 6: Responsible Decision Making (RDM)
RDM is an important skills to teach pupils on how to make good choices and decisions. This develops our pupils to be more independent, responsible and confident. As the school educate them on this skill, another focus is the heightened awareness of the need for a sound moral compass and the impact of their decisions and actions on the community. 

Values Education Camp

Pupils pick up values via a myriad of activities, such as instructional learning, hands on activities, games etc. Values Education Camp was planned to develop good character in our pupils via hands on activities and putting them into various situations to practise what they have learnt. 

In this 2D1N camp, pupils were given the opportunity to develop and exhibit the school values (Self-management, Integrity, Respect and Resilience) through instructional learning and game activities. The camp also put a strong focus on team building games to get the pupils to work together to accomplish tasks and overcome challenges, preparing them to appreciate and respect one another, thereby putting our school motto “Love, Care, Share” into practice.
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