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Leadership Camps

3D2N Leadership Outdoor Adventure Camp

This camp was planned to develop selected P4 and P5 prefects and scouts in the area of peer motivation and building resilience. During the camp, the prefects were introduced to Positive Self-Talk, a mental skill that is vital to the building of confidence and self-esteem. This helps them to develop resilience to overcome the high elements and outdoor obstacle course during the camp. 

The team bonding activities supported the building of camaraderie and friendships among the prefects, which is an anchor to develop peer motivation. The camp ended with a barbeque whereby individual teams brainstormed and started their own fire. Throughout the camp, the participants were put through different activities to test their team spirit and resilience.
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Seniors Camp 2016

Seniors Camp was planned to develop the Pri 5 and 6 prefects to acquire soft skills such as peer facilitation, planning and scheduling and effective time management. These are essential skills to prepare them to plan for the upcoming termly school engagement activities where they have to plan activities to engage the school community. The camp comprises of instructional programmes and hands on activities for the participants to apply what they have learnt. This experiential learning opportunity will allow the participants to have a go at seeing their learning in action.  

The exemplary prefects were provided with opportunities to further hone their facilitation skills by assuming the role of student facilitators in the Pupil Leadership Camp. 

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       Game activity to learn organisational skills                                          Ice breaking games

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        Instructional program                                               Presentation of project

Student Leadership Camp (Pri 3 to 6 Prefects) 2016

To better support Character and Citizenship Education and the inculcation of 21st Century Competencies (21CC), all prefects attended the annual Student Leadership Camp. In line with the school vision of ‘Every Xishanite, a Lifelong Learner, a Contributing Citizen’. This year, the camp was run in-house, with the aim to develop and strengthen the leadership skills in our budding leaders and develop them to be exemplary role models who play an active role in leading and inspiring others. 

Various team building activities and instructional sessions were planned to enhance essential leadership skills such as Communication and Collaborative skills etc. The camp presented an opportunity for the prefects to revisit the Prefects Pledge in depth and discuss how they can actualise the values in the pledge. The prefects experienced working with their peers in the same level for the first day and with prefects from different levels on the second day. This arrangement exposes the prefects to experience relationship management and collaboration with different groups of prefects.