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Department Focus:

  • To support purposeful ICT integration into curriculum
  • To engage pupils in active learning using the affordances of ICT
  • To develop pupils to be confident, competent and responsible users of ICT
  • To develop teachers’ competencies in designing for active learning with technology

Department Members

Nur Azarina Khamis
Choo Chang Joon
Kamalam Govindasamy (Mrs Venu)
Lim Jin Wei
Mabel Feng Li Ting
Ng Woan Shya
Sharifah Mahani
Summer May Thu Maung
Teo Lee Ying

ICT Resources currently used in our school

Desktops / Laptops in our 3 Computer Labs.
Mobile Cart of laptops for use in collaborative learning activities in the classrooms.
I-Pad minis for use in collaborative learning activities using tablets.
Windows tablets for use in seamless learning for Primary 3 Science.
Online resources are adopted by various subjects to promote engagement in learning.
Online resources include the following:
Learning Management System (Mc Online) www.mconline.sg
E-Zhishi (Chinese Language) www.etutoronline.net
Kungfu Maths (Mathematics) www.kungfu-math.com

ICT/ Cyber Wellness Monitors Training

Training is conducted annually to equip ICT / Cyber Wellness Monitors with the essential knowledge to support their teachers in daily lessons. They help to ensure that lessons involving ICT are carried out smoothly. They are also trained to monitor online behaviour of their class and will inform their teachers should they observe any abnormalities online.


ICT monitors are taught how to dispatch laptops to their                  ICT monitors are taught to handle ICT equipment like classmates from the mobile cart.                                                              projector screens with care.

ICT monitors are taught to  monitor online behaviour and Cyber Wellness knowledge.