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Executive and Administrative Staff

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Administrative Manager

Mdm Lim Seok Lian

Operation Manager

Mr Chia Hwa Tong

ICT Associate

Mdm Nurziana Bte Jumari

Administrative Executive

Mr Mohammad Matiin Hassan

Management Support Officer

Ms Teo Lee Lian

Corporate Support Officer

Mrs Kokila Suresh

Adjunct Corporate Support Officer

Mdm Rohanah Ahmad

Adjunct Corporate Support Officer

Mdm Yeo Hui Lan

Operation Support Officer

Mdm Maimoon Bte Mohamed

Operation Support Officer

Mdm Rosnah Bte Abdullah

Operation Support Officer

Mdm Su Nyuk Yeng

Operation Support Officer

Mdm Tok Shoik Khim

Support Staff

Technology Assistant

Mr Mohd Izwan Bin Nasir


Ms Yeap Boon Sim


Mdm Irene Phang Poh Chan


Prepress Technician

Mdm Cheong Siew Mei


Mr Ang Poh Tiong

Lab Technician

Mdm Salmah Bte Mohamed Said