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2014 Achievement

Malay Language Arte(Factually) Speaking Competition
Organised by National Heritage Board

Mahirah Sumayyah Md Yusri (Primary 3) - 2nd Prize (Lower Primary Category)

Pesta Bahasa Utara
Organised by N2 CLuster PLT & Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee

Nur Shahadafilla Bte Shahrudin (Primary 5) - 1st Prize (Syair Category)
Nurul Umairah (Primary 6) - 2nd Prize (Essay Writing Category)

HDB Community Week

To Be Good Neighbour - Anti-Drug Wall School Competition.jpg

Anti-Drug Wall School Competition

Green Awards 2014

Singapore Environment Council Green Lotus Sustained Award ( Our 3rd year running Lotus award)
The Singapore Environment Council 3R Gold Award
The Singapore Environment Council CASP Partnerships Silver Award
The Green Carpet Awards Green School Award - one of the Top 20 Awardees

North West OARS Award

North West OARS Award - Eason Poon Joon Xian (Primary 6).jpg

Eason Poon Joon Xian (Primary 6)

North West OARS Award - Muhammad Haikel B Yasin (Primary 6).jpg
Muhammad Haikel B Yasin (Primary 6)

Outstanding School Partner Award


Outstanding School Partner Award.jpg

Singapore Youth Festival

Guzheng Distinction Award
Chinese Dance Accomplishment Award
Malay Dance Accomplishment Award
Indian Dance Accomplishment Award


Team Category:

Cup Category         3rd
           Plate Category     4th

Individual Category:


Cup Category          2nd and 4th
           Bowl Category        2nd
           Plate Category      merit 



Senior Boys             1st

7th Singapore Schools Othello Championships 2014
Team Category:


Primary:                   Champion

Individual Category:


Champion player:   Liao Qin Zhong
           1st Runner up:          Zhuang Shouhe

7th Annual Mathlympic for all
Singapore Primary Schools 2014


Silver Award:          Liao Qin Zhong
           Bronze Award      Wang Quan Xin

Singapore-Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO) Contest 2014


Gold Award:           Liao Li Jing (Primary 4)
                                                   Liao Qin Zhong (Primary 5)
           Silver Award:          Lee Xin En (Primary 4)
                                                   Chu Yi Ann (Primary 5)
                                                   Muhammad Hakel (Primary 6)
                                                   Wang Xurui (Primary 6)
           Bronze Award:       Nicole Liew (Primary 3)
                                                    Heng Jin Long (Primary 4)
                                                   Jevin Koh (Primary 4)
                                                   Liao Li Yao (Primary 6)