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Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)

This year, selected Xishanites participated in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO), and the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) organised by Hwa Chong Institution. Despite having to cope with the changes due to Covid, our students have displayed resilience and self-discipline while preparing for the competitions. Congratulations to our award recipients. We are so proud of you!


Raffles Scholarship 2021

Congratulations to Oh Jun Cong (6IN) and Zhuo Ziying (5SD) for receiving the Raffles Scholarship 2021. This award is given to Primary 5 and 6 students who not only achieve academic excellence but more importantly, they have demonstrated good conduct in and a positive attitude towards their academic work and co-curricular activities. 

Use Of ICT Tools To Promote Interest In Learning Mother Tongue 2021

Our Chinese Department offers a variety of language and cultural activities to engage the students actively in the learning of Chinese. We are pleased to share that our HOD Mother Tongue, Mdm Tan Chiu Lin, was recently featured in Lianhe Zaobao on 21 Feb 2021 for her passion in instilling joy and promoting interest in the learning of Chinese. Through joy of learning, many students develop strong interest in their Mother Tongue. They are given the opportunity to take up Higher Chinese at Primary five level to realise their potential.


Learning Difficulty Helps Graduand Better Understand, Connect With Students

We would like to congratulate our teacher, Ms Kleinman who was recently featured on Channel News Asia and in Lianhe Zao Bao for her creative teaching tools used in her English and Social Studies lessons.
She is a role model of resilience. Through overcoming a learning difficulty as a child, she understands that each child is unique and learns in various ways. From her personal experience, she tries to engage her students using innovative and fun educational strategies, such as incorporating puppetry and songs, into her lessons. Her educational philosophy is to live out and impart her educational mission, “Always learning in heart and mind.” She is an inspiration to our students.