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Xishanites in Action

Chinese New Year Recess Activities

Gearing up for the New Year! Grateful to have the parent volunteers to be involved in our Recess Activities!

CCAs have started!

The afternoons will be bustling with many different activities again!

Grat-duation Run

Our P6 students literally took a jog down memory lane with their buddies as they jogged around the school as part of their Grat-duation Run. Winding past memorable school landmarks touched many students to reflect on their journey with Xishan Primary, filling them with gratitude for what the teachers had done for them.

Before the run, our Principal Mrs Quek spoke to them and said, “The run is also symbolic of the journey they are undertaking in life. Life is not about how fast you go or whether you had a good start, nor it is about comparing with how others are running ahead or behind you. It is really about how meaningful and purposeful you are undertaking the journey so as to go further. Keep going.”

Mrs Quek together with our Vice-Principals Ms Chua, Mrs Pawa and teachers then sportingly joined our students in their run!💪

We wish our graduating students the best as they progress to their next milestone!

#pioneerbatch  #StartTraditionToMakeHistory #ToOvercomeNotOverwhelmed #GraduateWithGratitude

Primary 6 Sports Education Program

Our Primary 6 students headed out to the golf course to get into the swing of picking up golfing tips from professional golf coaches.

Children's Day Celebration

A brand new way of celebrating Children’s Day Celebration in Xishan, integrating X-zania and sports carnival, bringing together students, parents and partners. 

Teachers' Day Celebration

"Because of you, teachers,
Learning becomes fun;
Learning becomes meaningful;
Learning becomes joyful."
- Extract from the Art Animation in today's celebration

Wishing all teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day!

Sport Education Program

Primary 3 students going through the Sport Education Program to overcome their fear of falling and to gain a new skill in Cycling. 

Primary 4 Malay Language Immersion to Kampong Buangkok

Established in 1956, Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last surviving kampong (Malay term for village) on Singapore’s mainland. The kampong was also known as Selak Kain, which meant ‘hitching up one’s skirt’ as people used to hitch their skirts up to wade through floods whenever the kampong experienced flash floods in the 20th century.The Malay Language students made Bunga Rampai and Kuih Abok abok as part of the activities arranged for them. They are also immersed in the camaraderie and kampong spirit while on a trail to the kampong houses and garden whereby they learned about the names of the plants that were most popularly growned during the kampong days.

English Language Fest 

The week-long celebration of English Language Fest saw the Xishanites engaged in several exciting activities. From ICT games to reciting tongue twisters and getting first hand experience in live broadcasting and reporting, the children had so much fun! Besides the activities, Xishanites were also tickled as they watched their English Language teachers featured in an in-house produced video on using standard English to understand and be understood.

Xishan Primary Celebrates 54th National Day

Prefects Investiture

Prefects Investiture 2019 to affirm the student leaders for their leadership and service to the school.

International Friendship Day

Earth Hour

Xishan Scouts took part in Earth Hour festivities and witnessed the lights-off last Saturday at 8.30pm at Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza.

Kem Perkasa Warisan

Our P4 Malay Language students participated in exciting language and cultural activities through an authentic and immersive learning experience at the Fort Canning Park on Saturday morning, 16 March. Following that, they showcased their learning at the Nee Soon East Community Club (CC) in the afternoon.

2019 Primary 5 Camping 

The Primary 5 students headed over to MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre for their camp from 11th March to 13th March. Over the 3 days 2 nights, our students learnt to extend care beyond self, navigate through nature with confidence and strove to do their best in different challenging situations, truly living out the camp theme of “We are O.N.E. – Others, Nature, Excellence”. Looking forward to the camp next year!

Assembly Programme: Brazilian Capoeira

It is a type of Brazilian martial art combining elements of combat, music, acrobatics and dance.

Scouts Founder’s Day

Cub scouts commemorating Founder’s Day today (22 February) during the morning assembly with Ms Soh Hui Min in command, Mrs Quek our Principal delivering the speech and Mr Chan leading the Adiji cheers.

Oath Taking Ceremony 2019

The student athletes from the Floorball and Hockey CCA came together on the 18th February 2019 to take their oaths to commemorate the start of the 2019 edition of National School Games. The student athletes promised to respect and abide by the rules, and to be wholly committed to the true spirit of sportsmanship in the pursuit of sporting excellence. We wish the best to our student athletes!

Oath Taking Ceremony 2019.jpg

Chinese New Year 2019

Ushering the Chinese New Year with fun activities and exciting performances.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Wishing all Xishanites a very happy & prosperous Chinese New Year!

Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Visitors

 Hosting Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Visitors on 28 Jan 20-19 (Monday) involving students from P5 and P6 as buddies to their foreign visitors

P4 Chingay National Education Show on (26 January 2019)

Theme of Chingay “Dreams Funtasia – Bicentennial Edition”
Venue: F1 Pit Building


The annual CCA Fair was held on Tuesday, 8 January 2019. The P3 and P4 students visited different CCA booths to see what each CCA has to offer before applying for their 2 choices of CCA.