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Applied Learning Programme

What is Applied Learning Programme?

  • Applied Learning Programme
  • Every Primary School to have an ALP by 2023.
  • Authentic situations and problems
  • Connects classroom learning with real-life applications

Why Applied Learning Progamme?

  • nurture innovation and creativity
  • prepare our children for the future
  • encourage creative concept application
  • evoke curiosity in learning
  • develop critical and inventive thinking
  • encourage a dare-to-try spirit
  • support inculcation of 21 CC skills and values


Area of Focus: Oracy and Communication Skills


  • Fundamental skills
  •  Transcends time, space and culture
  •  Modes change; skills remain same
  •  Values and soft skills
  • NEXUS: News Enrichment Xishanites Unitedly Share
  • Journalism Experience


What you can look forward to

  • Effective and confident communicators
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Self-directed learners
  • Efficient and collaborative team players
  • Citizens with civic literacy and global awareness

Tiered platform for students

Speech and Drama Club

  •  In-depth exploration
  •  Wider range of communication skills
  •  Opportunities to gain greater competency
  •  Platforms to demonstrate and hone skills