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Visual Arts

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Art Curriculum

In Xishan, we aim to develop Xishanites to be confident in expressing himself visually and verbally. Experiences within and beyond the classroom are intentionally created. Through the different art experiences provided, values will be inculcated, skills will be developed and knowledge will be formed.

The following shows some activities carried out beyond the classroom.

P3 and P4 Museum- Based Learning

In 2018, the new Art Syllabus was introduced. One of the compulsory learning experiences would be the P4 museum-based learning. Xishan has also extended the museum-based learning to P3.

Museum-based learning is one of the platforms to provide engaging and meaningful ways for students to encounter learning art content. Going to the museum also provides an authentic context for the learning of local art. In addition, the experience will develop in students the competencies and dispositions of an Audience. 

Art01.jpg P4 students engaging in an art talk with a facilitator at National Gallery.


P3 students interacting with an art installation at Singapore Art Museum.


Aesthetics Week

Aesthetics Week is a week of celebration of the Art and Music. Various activities are carried out to celebrate students’ learning in the Art and Music. For Art, there are assembly talks and recess activities to engage the students.


Students watching Mdm Lina reacting to a Performance Art. 


Our P3 Art Reps engaging the lower primary in an art activity.


 Students’ artworks on display.