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Cyber Wellness Reminder Message

Dear Students,

The school holidays are just around the corner. During the break, many of you may be spending more time online playing games or interacting with friends.  As responsible digital learners, it is important to practise the three Cyber Wellness principles. They are:
  1. Respect self and others
  2. Be safe and responsible
  3. Be a positive peer influence.

Have you ever encountered cyber bullying or been cyber bullied before? Cyber bullies use hurtful and unkind words without considering how others’ would feel.

Here are some tips to be respectful online:
 - Think before you post anything online (e.g. Is it true? helpful? Is it illegal? Is it necessary? Is it kind?)
 - Be courteous online, just like how you are courteous in real life.

You can play your part to stop cyber bullying. If you see any cyber bullying, speak up! Ask the online bully to remove the hurtful content. You should also save any evidence of cyber bullying and tell a trusted adult immediately. Be a good friend and reach out and support peers who have been bullied online.  Be an ‘upstander’ by standing up for what is right!