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Cyber Workout Song

A group of our P4 Cyber Wellness representatives took part in the National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge 2019 last semester. The theme for this year’s challenge is Academic Productivity and Well Being with Mobile Devices and Screen Time. As part of the challenge, they are required to identify one possible problem with mobile devices and screen time. They have chosen to focus on the well-being component.

Therefore, the P4 Cyber Wellness representatives have created our very own Cyber Workout Song. The song aims to help students manage their screen time by taking regular breaks from the screen. They can do so by exercising to the music after using mobile devices for too long. Exercising to the music will make the students move around, improving their blood circulation. The lyrics of the song, reminds the students to manage their screen time wisely. In addition, this Cyber Workout Song also aims to forge closer relationships amongst family and friends. Students can bond with family and friends by exercising to the song together.

The song was introduced for the first time in Xishan primary School during our Cyber Wellness Week last July. 

The video has been uploaded in the school website for parents/guardians to try it out with their child/ward. Together, lets help our child manage their screen time.