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English Language

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Our Vision

EnglishVision.jpgConfident, Competent


EnglishMission.jpgAll Xishanites will have the confidence, passion and love for the English Language

Our Curriculum Focus

In Xishan, STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning AndReading) is the main pedagogical approach adopted in teaching English Language from Primary 1 to 6. STELLAR’s framework empowers teachers to teach the critical life skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English through effective and engaging strategies that are developmentally appropriate.


The following reading activities were conducted for P1-6 students, with 1014 cumulative participants.
The activities have received generally positive feedback from the students and teachers.

Reading Interest Profile

936 P1-6 students took the fun quiz to find out their preferred genres. A list of reading recommendations for the various genres was also provided to help students in selecting books of their preferred genres and to offer them the option to explore books in other genres.

NLB Membership

25 P1 students were successfully registered as library members. As a library member, they would be able to enjoy basic borrowing privileges and borrow up to 8 library items during the outreach session at Xishan Primary School scheduled in Apr 2015.

School Reading Ambassador

53 upper primary students picked up storytelling, booktalking and writing book review skills in a 2-day training session. They enjoyed the librarian’s storytelling demonstration of Conejito and The Tadpole’s Promise, and they were able to apply the storytelling techniques immediately in their dramatisation of Conejito which the class enjoyed tremendously. After the booktalk demonstration of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann, a handful of them also eagerly volunteered to booktalk in front of the class to get their peers interested in reading their favourite books. Overall both sessions were well-received and students have enjoyed learning various ways of spreading their love of reading to their peers in school.


The students’ hilarious dramatization of Conejito captured their friends’ attention and had them laughing out loud.

Speech and Drama


Putting their hearts and souls into developing their characters during Speech and Drama lessons

Lower Primary Modified Learning Approach [MLEA] Activities

♥ Sandwich making experience

Learning Journey to the Zoo

The Primary One pupils recently went to the Singapore Zoological Gardens for their very first Learning Journey. It was truly an eye opening experience for our young ones. They learnt to describe the animals’ movements and the sounds they make using their five senses. They were exposed to the habitats of the various animals. The pupils and the teachers had a great time!

Some pictures to remember the trip by!

We arrived hand in hand

So much to see... So much to learn!

And we recharged ourselves while watching the performances!

Wow! Look at that!

What a way to cool off in this heat!

And we continued on our merry way back to school!