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Information and Communications Technology


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Department Focus:

  • To support purposeful ICT integration into curriculum
  • To engage pupils in active learning using the affordances of ICT
  • To develop pupils to be confident, competent and responsible users of ICT
  • To develop teachers’ competencies in designing for active learning with technology

Department Members

Ms Nur Azarina Khamis (HOD)
Mr Loke Peng Kuan, Joseph (EL - UP)
Ms Amanda Wee (EL - MP)
Mdm Sharifah Mahani (EL - LP)
Mr Lin Jinwei (MA - UP)
Ms Sharin Lee (MA - MP)
Ms Teo Lee Ying (MA - LP)
Mr Choo Chang Joon (SC - MP)
Ms Heng Xinyi (SC - UP)
Ms Liu Zengjiao (CL - MP)
Ms Jin Jing (CL - UP)
Ms Mabel Feng (CL - LP) (P/T)
Ms Siti Nur Atiqa (ML)
Mr Anand Kumar (TL)
Mr Toh Jin Zhuan Jaren 
Mdm Nurziana Jumari