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Learning for Life Programme (Student Leadership)

Developing Confident Leaders through Mental Skills Empowerment and Values in Action

Vision: Every Xishanite, a Confident Leader with the Heart to Serve

Mission: To Nurture Xishanites to Become Confident Learners, Effective Collaborators and Servant Leaders

Motto: To Lead Is To Serve


                     LLP Student Leadership Framework


 In Xishan Primary School, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) develops confident leaders through mental skills empowerment and values in action. We believe that every Xishanite is capable of mastering mental skills to be an effective leader and applying values to contribute and make a difference. In line with our school’s Keep CALM and Give framework, students are given various opportunities to help them become confident leaders with the heart to serve.

Every Xishanite is a leader who will:

1.     Connect – Build positive relationships and develop a sense of purpose to lead and serve others

2.     Be Active – Be agents of change imbued with the belief that they can make a difference

3.     Keep Learning – Acquire mental skills to strengthen their leadership competencies

4.     Be Mindful – Develop strong awareness and demonstrate empathy when serving others

5.     Give – Contribute meaningfully by serving their peers, the school or the community


Leadership Development Programme

Leadership development in Xishan is segmented into three tiers namely – Personal Leadership, Class Leadership and School-Level & Peer Leadership. The tiered structure aims to help students develop their leadership skills progressively and realise their optimal leadership potential. Anchored on Robert K Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership philosophy, we create ample opportunities for students to lead by serving.

 Tier 1 – Personal Leadership

                                                              4 + 5 Cs Mental Skills Framework


            All Xishanites undergo personal leadership modules where they are taught mental skills strategies to strengthen their personal effectiveness. These lessons equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop as self-leaders with the desire and confidence to take ownership of their learning. The mental skills – awareness, goal-setting, imagery and self-talk serve as key strategies to guide students in strengthening their leadership competencies (5Cs). The personal leadership curriculum anchors students in our school values to develop their socio-emotional skills. All in all, personal leadership lays the foundation for students to undertake greater leadership responsibilities in Tier 2 and 3. 

Tier 2 – Class Leadership

Students who consistently demonstrate strong leadership competencies (5Cs) and exemplary behaviour are selected by their teachers as Class Monitors. Their training involves them in role-playing scenarios where they brainstorm ways to manage challenging situations that arise in class. To cater to students’ interest, teachers call upon students to volunteer as Subject Reps, Environment Ambassadors, ICT Leaders and VIA Champions to serve in the areas they are passionate about. These class leaders are engaged in role specific trainings provided by their teachers. Class leadership roles are rotated every semester to provide leadership opportunities for every Xishanite to serve.

Tier 3 – School-Level & Peer Leadership

          In tier 3, we plan and create opportunities for Prefects, CCA leaders and Peer Support Leaders to serve their peers, the school and community. These student leaders undergo a rigorous selection process and are affirmed for their commitment to serving the school with these leadership appointments. Student leaders who display initiative and confidence in their communication are chosen to take on the role of student ambassadors to participate in student-initiated projects to serve the school and in community outreaches. The Peer Support Leaders receive training to help them understand their role to offer appropriate support to their peers in need. This leadership platform enables students to play a more active role in looking out for their peers, increasing their sense of ownership in creating a more inclusive learning environment for everyone.



         These leadership trainings and platforms provide students with more opportunities to enact good practices and sharpen their leadership competencies (5Cs). The service opportunities inculcate in them the spirit of serving to nurture them into confident leaders as they lead and serve alongside one another. We enrich Xishanite’s school experience by giving them opportunities to realise their optimal leadership potential.