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Learning to Learn Programme

The future is what we do in the present. The Xishan education experience not only focuses on equipping our learners with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to help them achieve but also emphasises on the well-being of every student. Other than providing rich opportunities for our students to immerse in the joy of learning, the school recognises the importance of growing the metacognitive domain to help every child learn to learn. 


To facilitate effective learning, the school endeavours to imbue in our students the passion to learn. To do this, the school firmly believes that it is hence key to help students develop a language of learning. The Learning to Learn programme aspires to equip our learners with a common language for learning anchored on a set of key learning principles. These core principles are fundamental to students subsequently devising learning strategies that will eventually serve them so as to become not only effective learners but also lifelong learners as well.

Our Core Learning Principles

Learning to Learn Photo 1.JPG

Pictures of Xishanites during the Learning to Learn Programme.

Learning to Learn Programme img1.png

Videos of Xishanites reflecting and articulating their increased awareness and confidence in they should approach learning as well as how the programme has helped them.

  1.  The Six Principles 
  2.  How Learning to Learn Helped Us