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Vision: Every pupil an effective and confident problem-solver
Mission: To cultivate an inquiring mind and to develop mathematical reasoning in problem solving

The Mathematics Curriculum in Xishan Primary School is centred on Problem Solving with the five key supporting components as illustrated in the pentagon below. We believe that to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and to make sense of mathematical ideas as well as their connections and applications, our pupils should be exposed to a variety of learning experiences including hands-on activities and technological explorations. Our curriculum is focused on building strong fundamentals as the basis for cultivating an inquiring mind and developing mathematical reasoning in problem solving.


Learning Experiences

A variety of learning experiences are integrated into the Mathematics curriculum to make learning fun, meaningful and relevant and to inculcate positive attitudes. Care and attention are given to the design of the learning activities to build confidence in and develop appreciation for Mathematics. In the process, student-centred environment is created to provide an explicit link from visible thinking to abstract thinking.

Pupils working out addition sums using inter-locking cubes and ten-frame.

P5 pupils learning ratio using sweets and interlocking cubes.

Pupils building up addition facts using 6-sided and 10-sided die.

Technological explorations

Maths teachers create opportunities for pupils to work in a collaborative and self-directed environment through the use of technology and social media. Leveraging on the variety of online platforms, pupils are engaged in applying their mathematical skills to solve real world problems.

Pupils working on a plan for their dream bedroom using their knowledge of budgeting and skills of managing data using excel spreadsheet. 

Pupils explore online resources independently.

They share their plans on MC Online social learning wall to extend learning beyond their own team.