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Our Vision Mission
Every Xishanite, an appreciative audience and a delicated performer.
To create opportunities for Xishanites to enjoy musicking and empower them to make musical decisions through performing platforms.

Our Curriculum Focus


  1. To create a conducive arts learning environment and facilitate pupils' learning in Music
  2. To make develop pupils' appreciation towards the Arts (Music)
  3. To broaden pupils' perspectives of music and music making
  4. To scout and develop talents in the performing arts
  5. To promote and encourage music creativity through music activities/performances

Music education is essential as it  provides a balanced curriculum for our pupils. It plays an integral part in our pupils' overall character development.  Music education involves listening and respond to music, create music and perform music. There are three stages in the primary school's music curriculum. At each stage, pupils will be exposed to various music repertoire and they will play a range of classroom music instruments. With our spiral music curriculum, pupils will learn and understand musical elements and concepts and also appreciate music from local and global cultures.

Xishan's music programmes allow pupils to express themselves musically. There are performing modules incorporated at each level and exemplary pupils are scouted to perform for school performances. Through performing, pupils develop musical communication. Pupils practise through collaborative learning and  develop interpersonal skills while working in an ensemble. Striving for accuracy and good showmanship, pupils' seek excellence and the importance of art processes and criteria of success.


Pimary 3 – Ukulele Modular Programme (Term 2) and Handbells Modular Programme (Term 3)
Primary 4 – Ukulele Modular Programme (Term 2) and Cajon Modular Programme (Term3-4)
Primary 4 – F. Y. I Feed Your Imagination Esplanade Programme: Learning Journey to watch a Performance and Esplanade Trail (Term 3)
Primary 5 – STOMPFest (Term 2) 
Primary 6 – DANCEFest (Term 4, Post-PSLE)