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Physical & Health Education

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Our Vision:

Every child to be a physically educated individual, with the pursuit of a life-long active and healthy lifestyle.

Affective domain Cognitive domain Psychomotor domain
  • Good sportsmanship

  • School values
  • Game Concepts, rules and tactics

  • Safety

  • Active & Healthy Lifestyle through regular exercise & sports participation

  • Sporting Values (sportsmanship, Self-discipline, Integrity, Respect and Resilience)
  • Show mastery of fundamental movement & manipulative skill


As part of the PE Programme, every pupil from P1-P6 goes through these learning areas:  

 Fundamental Movement
 Games & Sports
 Physical Health & Fitness
 Outdoor Education

Learning For Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) seeks to develop mental skills through sports education, anchored on values. Mental skills are an important aspect in sports and in a wider context, a life skill. Using sport as a platform, mental skills will be taught to empower pupils, enabling them to demonstrate their competencies in various situations that they might encounter in life.

Pupils will be equipped with the relevant coping strategies and disposition in the context of values driven education. Mental skills will complement and strengthen values acquisition by the pupils. It is also a life skill that will strengthen pupils’ personal beliefs and propel them forward in life. Acquiring mental skills will help our pupils to renew their motivation if they lose focus overtime or when they experience setbacks in the future.

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Signature Programme

Flair For Floor ball
Post Exam Activities
Sports Education Programme
P5 Camp
Sports Carnival


NAPFA involves a series of five stations and a 1.6-km Walk-Run for primary school students. All of the static station tests are attempted on the same day, with a 2–5 minute rest period permitted between stations. The 1.6 km Walk-Run will be tested on a separate day.

The test items are:
  • Sit-ups: Maximum in one minute
  • Standing Broad Jump: Better of two distances
  • Sit and Reach: Better of two attempts with floating zero point
  • Pull-ups (for males 15 years and above only): Maximum in half-a-minute
  • Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14): Maximum in half-a-minute 
  • Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4×10 metre attempts
  • 1.6-km Walk-Run: Minimum time on firm and level surface                                                                                                      Performances are then compared to a chart and the grades from A to F for each test item. An A grade constitutes excellent performance and an E grade constitutes barely passing. On the other hand, an F grade is an alternate term that the participant has failed that test item.

Xishan Playground

Our playground was officially opened on 27th May 2016. The playground provides another venue for the pupils to play outdoors. It keeps them happy and healthy as they can spend some time swinging, climbing, balancing, running and interacting with their friends.

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