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Physical & Health Education

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Rise to Shine

Rise to Shine encourages all our students to arrive in school early to join their friends in unstructured play. The students will learn to interact independently and creatively with the equipment provided by the Teachers.

The School Field, Parade Square as well as the School Hall are available for our students during Rise to Shine.

Sports Education Program (SEP)

The Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaborative partnership between Sport Singapore (SportSG) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). 

The SEP aims to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation in schools and increase sporting opportunities for the young. 

In Xishan Primary School, we offer the following SEPs:
    • Primary 3 - Cycling
    • Primary 4 - Bowling
    • Primary 5 - Tag Rugby
    • Primary 6 – Golf

Camp G.R.I.T. – Growing Resilient & Independent Together

Camp G.R.I.T. is without a doubt the highlight of any P5 student in Xishan Primary School. This 3D2N camp is usually conducted at MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres and facilitated by MOE Outdoor Adventure Educators and Teachers.

During the camp, the students will get a chance to grow, be resilient and independent while experiencing the following activities:
    • Communal living
    • Day trek
    • Night walk
    • Low/High elements
    • Outdoor cooking
    • Campfire


Gratuation Run

Gratuation Run was inaugurated by our Principal Mrs Quek in 2019. 

The run serves as a significant milestone for our graduating students. Through the run, the school hopes to help our students learn that life is neither about how fast you go or whether you have had a good start, nor about comparing with others who are ahead or behind you. It is really about how meaningful and purposeful the journey will be.

The run takes place within the school compound. As the students take a jog down memory lane whilst jogging with their buddies, they are filled with gratitude when they reflect upon their journey of learning in Xishan Primary School.