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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Objectives of PAL

The objectives of Programme for Active Learning (PAL) are:

·       To provide students with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in the following areas.

o   Sports & Games

o   Outdoor Education

o   Performing Arts (Music and Dance)

o   Visual Arts

·       To facilitate well-rounded development of students in the 5 domains.

o   Physical

o   Cognitive

o   Social

o   Moral

o   Aesthetics 

·       To provide varied avenues for students to develop the following social and emotional competencies.

o   Self-Awareness

o   Social Awareness

o   Self-Management

o   Relationship Management

o   Responsible Decision Making

Students’ Experiences in PAL

PAL P1.jpg

PAL P2.jpg

[Above 2 pictures] Students enjoy individual and group experiences. Through these experiences, they gain confidence as they overcome challenges. In group experiences, they also learn to appreciate one another and work together as a team.  

PAL P3.jpgPAL P4.jpg[Above two pictures] Students express themselves creatively in the various PAL areas.  

PAL P5.jpgPAL P6.jpg

[Above 2 pictures] Students learn about and acquire values and social emotional competencies through fun and enjoyable activities.