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Vision: Pupils will be critical and analytical thinkers who are innovative with positive attitudes and ethics in Science

Mission: To equip pupils with a first-hand experience in the understanding of scientific concepts and extend interest and curiosity in Science through inquiry

Our Science classrooms are where intentional teaching for intentional learning takes place. We focus on inquiry for student learning and innovation for enabling value addedness.

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Curriculum Coverage

Science Department
Achievements 2018

Students’ Achievement

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5 Conscientious
Foo Ying Han
Iffah Al Hashar
Kylan Seetoh
Lim Cyrus

Commendation Award

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Singapore Youth Science Fair (SYSF)

Foo Ying Han
Iffah Al Hashar
Kylan Seetoh
Lim Cyrus
5 Conscientious
Goh Han Nah
Vo Hai Thien An
Brayden Ho Zhi Jie
Lee Yuan
4 Commitment
Mendiola Gayle Abeni Estrella 
Chuan Wen Xin
Loh Qian Ting
Rubiales Raymar Aslor 
 4 Conscientious