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Student Leadership Development Programme

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Student Leadership

Vision: Every Xishanite, A Leader

Mission: To nurture confident learners, effective collaborators and servant leaders

Motto: To lead is to serve


We believe that every child is a leader and has the ability to master skills to build their leadership. This belief stems from our school philosophy that every child wants to and can learn given the right attitude and learning environment. As leaders, our students will learn to lead themselves and others. They will also recognise that a leader is not self-serving but someone who leads by serving.

Student Leadership Framework

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Our Pedagogical Approach

We adopted the 4 + 5 Cs Mental Skills Framework by Edgar K. Tham and Daniel A.Weigand in developing leadership in our students. Mental skills act as the key anchor to Xishan’s student leadership development structure. Mental skills equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead themselves and also, prepare them to undertake leadership roles. Mental skills are introduced and taught to students through personal leadership lessons and mental skills workshops. These lessons are either delivered through classroom-based leadership lessons or assembly talks. Opportunities will also be created to allow students to enact these mental skills in authentic learning contexts.

4 + 5 Cs Mental Skills Framework

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The mental skills – awareness, goal-setting, imagery and self-talk serve as key strategies taught to students to guide them in strengthening their 5Cs leadership competencies. In line with our mission to nurture students to become servant leaders with the heart to serve, servant leadership qualities are embedded in the leadership lessons to develop other-centeredness in them. Servant leadership shapes students’ habits and we believe its qualities are essential in helping them navigate through the challenges they face when working with their peers.

Our Development Approach (Identify, Develop, Evaluate, Affirm)

In Xishan Primary School, our student leaders are identified through teacher observation, nomination and selection. Leadership training is customised to cater to students’ developmental needs and ample opportunities are provided for student leaders to hone their leadership skills. Students are evaluated on their leadership competencies every half-yearly or yearly to provide the Student Leadership Committee with insights on students’ competencies and surface their area of growth, enabling students of different leadership profiles to achieve their leadership potential. Last but not least, students are also affirmed for their service to school and leadership efforts. Students with greater leadership potential may be nominated by their teachers to undertake roles with greater leadership responsibilities.

Student Leadership Tiers

The school has put in place a leadership development structure which aims to develop students’ leadership competencies through the four leadership tiers.   

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Our Key Programmes

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Friend of Singa Kindness Ambassador Programme

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Service Learning

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NE Lionhearters Programme

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Prefects Camp

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Class Leadership Training

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Prefects Investiture