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Edusave Character Award (ECHA): 
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Is your child graduating from primary school soon? Find out more about choosing a suitable secondary school, and how you can continue to support your child as they enter adolescence and the next phase of their education.

Join us at the ‘Transition to Secondary Education’ Parent Seminar on 15 July 2017, Saturday. Admission is free and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Register at http://tinyurl.com/moetransitionseminar2017


MOE School Information Service 

Xishan Primary School's Prize Giving 2018

Letters to Parents 2018

001a_Letter to Parents Term 1 2018.doc
001b_Calendar of Events 2018 - Semester 1.doc
002A_School Meals Programme for FAS Student_2 Lunch.doc
002B_School Meals Programme for FAS Student_3 Lunch.doc
003_GEP Test Dates (P3 only).doc
004_CCA Letter - Letter to Parents (P3-6).docx
005_Prefect Conference (P3 to P6 only).doc
006_Parent Opt Out Form 2018 (P5-P6).docx
007_Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance for Students.doc
008_Cycling Consent_Letter to Parents.doc
009_Prefect Selection.doc
010_Class Monitors Training.doc
011a_2018_P1_assessment_plan_for parents (P1 only).doc
011b_2018_P1 HA Letter (P1 only).doc
012a_018_P2 HA Letter (P2 only).doc
012b_018_2017_P2_assessment_plan for parents (P2 only).doc
012c_018_2017_P2_parents_letter_details_for_Term1 (P2 only).doc
013_P4 NE Show Chingay (P4 only).docx
014_Primary 6 CA1 2018(P6 only).doc
015_Primary 5 CA1 2018(P5 only).doc
016_Primary 4 CA1 2018(P4 only).doc
017_Primary 3 CA1 2018(P3 only).doc
018_LSP(P1 & P2)_Parent's_briefing_letter.doc
019_Chinese New Year Letter to Parents.doc
020_Prefects Confirmation (P2 to P6 Prefects)_Names.doc
021_Prefects Confirmation B V2_Names.doc
022A_Application Status for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS only).doc
022B_Application Status for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS only).doc
022C_Application Status for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (School Based FAS only).doc
023_Letter of Invite to Junior Sports Academy (Selected P4 pupils only).docx
025_Fun With Values Camp 2018 (P3 - P5 only).doc
026_P6 EL Writing Enrichment Programme.doc
027_FbL to Botanical Gardens (P6 Only).docx
028_CCM Letter to P4 Parents.doc
029_P1 PTC letter to parents (P1 only).docx
030_P6 PTC 2018 (P6 only).docx
031_NLB Books To Go 2018 Letter to Parents.doc
032_Letter_to_Parents_P3 SA1_2018.doc
033_Letter_to_Parents_P4 SA1_2018.doc
034_Letter_to_Parents_P5 SA1_2018.doc
035_Letter_to_Parents_P6 SA1_2018.doc
036_P3 Learn@Zoo Science Learning Journey Consent Form (P3 Only)_2018.docx
037_ Heartware Network Tuition Programme (P3 - P4).docx
038__Letter_to_Parents_PERKASA WARISAN 2018 (P4 selected ML students only).doc
039_morning play.docx
040_P3 FbL LTA (P3).doc
041 Maths Parents Workshop (P4 & P5).doc
042_P3 FbL LTA (P3 Conscientious).doc
043_2018 Term 2_P1_parents_letter_details (P1).doc
044_2018 Term 2_P2_parents_letter_details (P2).doc
046_MBL_Con and Cre.doc
047_MBL_Per and Com.doc
048_NAPFA 2018.docx
050_Club Fitness 2018 - Letter to Parents (Identified pupils only).docx
051_Certification of Student of Xishan Primary School.doc
052_Prefect Investiture_V2.doc
053a_Sibling Survey for phase 1 registration for admission to P1 in 2019 V2.doc
054_SA1 Oral Exam (P3).doc
055_SA1 Oral Exam (P4).doc
056_SA1 Oral Exam (P5).doc
057_SA1 Oral Exam (P6).doc
058_P5 FbL ACM.docx
059_P6 LJ to Sungei Buloh (P6 only).doc
060_Letter to Parent_SLS 2018.doc
061_Parents Teacher Conference (P1& P2) (Delete).doc
062_Parents Teacher Conference (P1 to P6).doc
063_Term 3_P2_parents_letter_HA details (P2) (1).doc
064_Term 3_P1_parents_letter_HA details (P1).doc
065__Letter_to_Parents_Malay Language Theatre Cultural Performance (P5 P6 selected 40 ML students only).doc
066_Letter to Parents For Sarawak Trip (P5).doc
067_Seng Pang Tua Pek Kong Keng Letter to Parent (P5 & 6 selected students only).doc
068_Student Health Ambassador Workshop (P3 to P5 PE Monitors).doc
069_Road Safety Park Letter to Parents (P4 only)vetted 2.doc
070_CPES Letter to Parents.doc
071_Invitation to watch PA CCA showcase.doc
072a_Additional Shoe and Socks for MOE FAS students.docx
072b_Additional Shoe and Socks for SB FAS students.docx
073b_AOP @ Skool.doc
074_NLB Books To Go 2018 Letter to Parents.doc
076_NTU Survey (P6 Pupils).doc
077_HFMD Letter to Parents (2Per).doc
078_P6 June and Sep Holiday Classes.doc
079_HFMD Letter to Parents (1Com).doc
080_School Book Assistance Grant.docx
081_Phase 1 registration to P1 in 2019.docx